Wednesday, December 12, 2018

hye: my name is film

                              I am a thin, long plastic band
                              that put in a camera and take pictures. 

                            The moment I press the shutter,
                           it becomes the past.

                        The image is 'now' printed.

                           I recall the past, now.
                          or now in the past.
                                     나는 사진기에 넣어서 사진을 찍는
                            얇고 긴 플라스틱 띠 (보리국어사전발췌)입니다.

                           셔터를 누르는 순간 곧 과거가 됩니다.
                             인화된 이미지는 현재입니다.

                              나는 '과거'를 '지금' 회상합니다.
                                혹은 '지금'을 , '과거'에 회상 합니다.